Case studies

Deloitte Central Europe

The application contains an administration and a portal view so all the users have access to their specific area of responsibility. The solution was implemented on ASP.NET MVC 5 platform in C# language. The application gathers its data from Deloitte’s own system, public governmental databases and the web (news sites, blogs etc.). To ensure a responsive and simple view we used the Twitter Bootstrap library during the development and DocIO to generate reports.

Doktor-OK Online Appointment Booking System

As a result of our cooperation patients could register to treatments in a user friendly web search and appointment making system app. The system had an interface connection to the Telki Private Hospital’s IT system, which was a pilot project to connect it with the external patient registration systems. The project includes the mobile application development, different interfaces for different roles, the management of external bookings, e-mail and SMS notifications for all parties and makes sure that every patient data is stored in the most secure way.

Buda Health Centre

As a result, the site is listed among the top hits on Google for almost all relevant search keywords which brings a significant number of organic visitors for our client. We connected the web portals with the institution’s patient registration system, so patients receive a unified client experience from the appointment booking, through visits till the follow-ups. By using Sitecore the client has an easily manageable CMS system to support its marketing activity, as well.

One of the biggest European logistics companies

As a subcontractor ALLWIN provided 3 developers for a total of 8700 hours work for our partner. During the process we took part in making the architecture plan that provided a solid foundation for the portal to work properly. Besides that our team made the business logic, back-end development and the deployment of the site while our partner provided the design. Our team was directly in contact with the client’s C-level executives during the whole process.

Kello, the Hungarian National Book and Library Distributor

We developed the client’s e-commerce and webportal in a record time – a deadline that only ALLWIN could comply with - to make sure that every student in the country is getting their books on time. All systems are linked to the School book supplier’s management systems - and through a joint data storage - they constantly synchronize all the different orders of every Hungarian student and school, which was a great challenge and at the same time a huge success for us as well.

MVM Group

ALLWIN currently supports all of MVM’s Sitecore-based portals and rewrites its architecture on which all the 26 subsidiaries’ site could run efficiently in the future. At the moment there are two webportals under development, one for the Paksi Erőmű Visitor Center and one for the Magyar Földgáztározó.


We re-implemented the Silverlight system to an AngularJS SPA solution based on a more consistent business intelligence behind it, using ASP.NET Core technology. The system has an ArcGIS component that allows the client to follow relevant information real time. This system is connected to a custom ERP solution that was written by using the .NET and WCF/WCF REST interface.

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