Informal Businesses

The so-called „Informal Businesses” chapter of the „Dynamism” program series of Kriszta Szabó’s was organized on the 7th September 2012. The aim of the lecture series is to provide useful information and possible solutions for small and medium sized enterprises in order to improve their competitiveness. The all-day event took place on the Danube, on the Kossuth Museum ship (known as Vénhajó restaurant as well) providing spectacular panorama and harmonious mood for informal (and formal) business discussions.



In the beginning of the conference, everyone was given the opportunity for introduction and to decide whether to take or leave the towel representing the readiness for cooperation. Naturally, all of the managers took the towel as they were all open-minded for new business relationships and for new information. The attendees could listen to more than 15 presentations during the event, including the following topics: finance, marketing, communication, informatics, telecommunication and environment protection. Each presenter had 20 minutes to speak, and everyone had the chance for further consultation and the improvement of business relationships in the small breaks between the chapters. In the end of the event, the presenters made a small quiz game with questions regarding their presentations and with right answers, the participants could gain valuable gifts. Our company presented a corporate design pack worth of 150,000 HUF to the right-answerer.


Our company was represented by managing director Dániel Szöllősi. His so-called “Is it mobile everything that glitters?” presentation was held in the afternoon. He made the mood of his speech friendlier through some soft music. After some surprising statistics referring to the usage of smart phones (would you have thought that the most active users of smart phones are women between 35 and 54?), he came to the main point of his presentation: how can these devices be used for obtaining new businesses, why are mobile developments advantageous for companies, and how can ALLWIN Informatics Ltd. contribute in the implementation of these innovations.