Smart phone = business opportunities

Kriszta Szabó and one of our managing directors, Dániel Szöllősi were the guests of 90.9 Jazzy radio’s morning show called “Millásreggeli” on the 31st August 2012. The program’s purpose is to work up topics of the public life and economy in a trustworthy comprehensible way (the other title of the program is “The Economical Muppet Show”). The show in the end of the summer was called “We are paying giant overheads”, the two presenters, Balázs Gede and András Mihálovits were asking their guests.



The conversation was actually an introduction of a conference for small and medium sized companies, called “Informal Businesses” which is going to be held on the 7th September 2012. The occasion is not going to be a traditional conference – according to Kriszta Szabó, the dreamer of it. The reason for that is that even though it would worth for small and medium sized companies to attend conferences, they do not – either because of lack of time or because they are afraid of boring presentations. The organizer of the conference is standing up against the second objection: the aim of her presentation series is to be different from the traditional (and boring) conferences; she wants to have a spicier solution, so that attendees can recognize that they have to change. This realization might mean the surviving for them. The conference is going to be a kind of workshop: even though the presentations will contain general information, during the breaks everyone can have his own specific questions.


The fact that Kriszta succeeded to captivate many presenters for the all-day event (more than 15 presentations will be available) proves that managers are not afraid to face challenges. The title of the conference refers to the fact that besides general economic factors (like money and connected services), informatics and telecommunication are non-negligible factors as well for the enterprises nowadays.


During the conversation, Dániel Szöllősi emphasized the importance of informatics and the possibilities of its economic uses. Dániel’s presentation will be called “Is it mobile everything that glitters?”. The purpose of his class is to awake everybody: the mobile phone is a resort laying in everybody’s pocket now, and if we look at the fact that nowadays practically only smart phones are available to purchase, it is easily deductible, that everybody in our country (such as anywhere else) will have a smart phone sooner or later. And if we also look at the world statistics, that smart phones are used 3 hours each day on average, then it is nearly impossible to recognize the inherent business possibilities.



We also found out the difference between traditional and smart phones: while the main function of the previous is phoning and related services (contacts, short message sending), in the case of the latter, phoning is just one of the many functions. As internet access is available for almost everybody (through data packages and hotspots), users are just surfing on their mobile phones. It is an important forecast, that surfing via mobile phones will reach the share of surfing via traditional devices in 2013 and will naturally overtake the leading role afterwards. This is also a challenge for companies, it is important for them to make their websites mobile compatible. This means that their pages must appear and work normally on restricted sized displays. Dániel also emphasized that this does not cost a fortune in case of traditional websites (which does not contain flash animations).


Dániel also outlined the possibilities of the other profile of our company, which is the creation of mobile applications. This practically means a program that can be installed on mobile phones from the application stores. Of course, it does not only mean entertaining ones, also more serious applications are realizable – practically speaking complete ERP systems can be launched to this platform. Regarding the question of security he emphasized that these applications mainly shows data and not stores them (data are stored in servers), so as a result the whole database is not downloaded on the phone – in case of lost or theft of one’s phone does not mean misuse of data.


The show can be heared at site, with the title "Gigarezsit fizetünk" ("Paying giant overheads") at the date of 31st August 2012. The conversation starts at 11:42.