We awarded the drawing talent

The announcements of results and the award ceremony of the children drawing contest jointly called by the Hungarian National Skating Federation and DeriSport in the end of November was held last weekend within the 6th Santa Claus Cup International Competition in Figure Skating and Ice Dance. The first creation for the contest arrived on the last day of November, and after that, altogether 150 applications gathered within one week. The public audience also had the chance to vote for the prejudged drawings on the spot and via the web as well – more than 1.000 public votes were made via the internet.

Our company has joined the contest as sponsor. Dániel Szöllősi managing director presented honorary award to Lilian Tóth, who has received the utmost public votes in the category of 6 – 10 year old children. Our present was a digitizer which will help her to improve her drawing talent, as these graphic tablets - besides many other features - can be used for drawing, writing and for multitouch functions as well. Naturally, Júlia Sebestyén European Champion figure skater, the patroness of the contest also participated in the ceremony. In both age categories, the first three places were awarded, furthermore one who received the utmost public votes in each category, and thanks to the sponsors joined the contest subsequently, further honorary awards were given as well.




The access for the skating competition and for the award ceremony of the drawing contest was free of charge, so the young creators, their parents, the judges and the sponsors could view at the programs of the figure skaters as well. The Santa Claus Cup itself is a successful outing of an excellent mood, on which besides the Hungarian contesters we can meet many famous foreign contenders as well. The two major parts of the contest is figure skating and ice dancing, and entries can be done in different age categories. The drawings were on view in the several-days-outing on Saturday and Sunday. The winning drawings can be looked at the following website.