Sportsmen of the Year 2012 awards

The award ceremony of Sport Federations’ Sportsman of the Year 2012 was introduced for the very first time on the 30th December 2012. The event has set a precedent, since three sport federations awarded the already announced, outstanding sport talents together within one gala.  This kind of alliance is not very common in our sport life, as the sport federations mainly present their awards individually, so far as not only naming the sportsmen without any further ceremony. The initiative was followed by the Hungarian Judo Association, the Hungarian Table Tennis Association and by the Hungarian Cycling Federation.



The ALLWIN Informatics Ltd. has joined the up to par event as a sponsor. László Fülöp managing director represented our company, and awarded Éva Csernoviczki bronze medalist judoka, who won the first Hungarian Olympic medal during the previous Summer Olympic Games in London.


The other Sportsmen of the Year of the Sport Federations:

  • Miklós Ungvári: judoka, silver medalist olympic champion in London 
  • Dániel Zwickl and Georgina Póta: table tennis players 
  • Krisztián Lovassy and Anita Kenyó Szeghalminé: category of road cycling 
  • Sándor Szalontay and Zsuzsanna Kercsó-Magos: category of track cycling 
  • Lénárt Paróczi and Bálint Dévény, furthermore Kinga Szakály and Nikolett Buzser: category of team indoor cycling 




Only half a year elapsed since the London Olympic Games, but predictions of chances have already started regarding the Rio Games. Four years means a long time in sport life, contenders might retire as well as other talents can emerge. Besides the award presentation, the ceremony’s intention was introducing young athletes, who are inspired to achieve outstanding results through their talent – maybe even in the next summer games. These youngsters have already achieved some results, but have not made the brake through yet. At the same time, they can be role models to follow, as children identify themselves easily with them because of their young age. In sports dominated by adults, many young sportsmen between the age of 14 - 22 give up sporting, so it is very important to outline those who hold on.


These honorary awards, the so-called "Hopes of Rio" were presented to:

  • Liliána Szilágyi: 16-year-old swimmer 
  • Dávid Jansik: 21-year-old water polo player




The entire article can be read at website of the Hungarian Olympic Committee.