We have won the Most Loved Companies Award!

It was the second time that Dreamjo.bs had opened the Most Loved Companies Award Programme to find the most attractive companies to work for in Hungary. This time not only SMEs but also large enterprises were allowed to participate in the programme thus all the lovable companies applying were put on the map and those dreaming of a better workplace could also find out about them. To make this happen, the award provided a free platform on which all the contestants had the opportunity to introduce their company to the voters in a creative and honest way. Having hundreds of contestants last year, the programme this year boasted 700 participants and the top 125 companies of them were selected by more than 20 000 voters.

We are delighted that we have successfully presented the team of ALLWIN Informatics Ltd. as a fantastic community through our company profile and we would like to thank the voters for making it possible for us to become one of the top 100 most loved SME companies in 2018.