The Client

Naviaq is an innovative provider for the fish farming industry in Norway where they constantly introduce business focused ICT solutions to their clients. They mainly deal with IT developments serving fish, and in particular the salmon breeding industry, and their solutions cover the entire production process.

The challenge

To develop an easy to use application based on geoinformatical solutions that is used by fish farm owners, boat owners and external contractors. The software has to provide real-time information about the conditions of the farms and the position of the ships and support their everyday operations as well (orders, document management, maintenance, reporting etc.).

The solution

We re-implemented the Silverlight system to an AngularJS SPA solution based on a more consistent business intelligence behind it, using ASP.NET Core technology. The system has an ArcGIS component that allows the client to follow relevant information real time. This system is connected to a custom ERP solution that was written by using the .NET and WCF/WCF REST interface.

Technologies used

  • AngularJS
  • C#
  • MS SQL 
  • WebService
  • ArcGIS 
  • WCF 

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