If you say teamwork, we say Sharepoint, as this is an excellent collaborative tool to share information, organize, store and synchronize data. Your teams can create and manage a secure platform of different websites, contents and a hierarchy of data lists. This is a secure and top-quality solution to be integrated into enterprises having a complex IT infrastructure. Its mobile application provides access to its data even on the way. SharePoint online is even available as a monthly service with easy to plan costs.

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Primarily SharePoint was used mainly by enterprises, but the SharePoint Online and Office 365 services offer a competitive solution for SMEs, as well.

Why do we recommend SharePoint solutions?

Because they are easy to scale, adequately robust and extensive solutions for enterprises based on ASP.NET. Using their connected solutions and our unique developments, we can provide a complex workflow-, data-, document- and right-management, and also develop separable web spaces for the different business fields.
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