Budapest DotNet meetup

The second program of budapest.NET meetup group was held on the 13th November 13. The aim of the recently established group is to familirize developers with new technologies through real experiences - describing the advantages, the background and the possible disadvantages as well.


Our company was represented by István Reiter ASP.NET MVP. The title of his presentation was "Introduction to social login" and he introduced the 60 attendees with the OAuth2 based authentication - which basically means that he showed what was happening after pushing the "Login with Facebook" button. The participants could go through the process of implementing "social login" function from step to step, learn more about the developoment of the regulation and its problems as well as gaining tips for the possible difficulties.





Our colleague was followed by Sándor Szabó (representing LogMeIn). His presentation was called "Social login in practice". He introduced the social login from practical point of view, talked about difficulties during implementation as well as the possible solutions.


The final presentation was held by Zsolt Fehér (also representing LogMeIn). He talked about interesting points of NuGet package management system during inhouse installation.

István Reiter's presentation: