In 2019, Deloitte faced a dilemma. Consultants in Hungary needed to respond to sudden changes in tax laws, but their systems weren’t capable of handling them. ALLWIN stepped in to upgrade their tax calculator tool first for Hungary and then the Czech Republic.

The need

As a global audit, financial and tax advisory firm, Deloitte has over 300,000 consultants working in 150 global territories. But when tax laws changed, consultants in Hungary struggled to account for them. And where Deloitte’s existing software couldn’t help, ALLWIN stepped in to find a solution.

Business goals

Deloitte accountants needed to submit tax returns for expats deployed to Hungary. And while they had access to tax calculation software, it couldn’t configure the sudden rate changes associated with new changes to social tax laws. Deloitte’s goal was to find a development partner to reconfigure these rate and legal changes and improve their processes.


ALLWIN conducted a review of systems, applications, tax laws and requirements before deploying six software developers to the project.

Our team reviewed the existing tool and worked closely with tax experts and lawyers, before commencing with development.

Then, using an agile approach which included continuous testing, pipelining and upgrading, our consultants developed a process to solve Deloitte’s business needs.

Azure DevOps

ALLWIN used Microsoft’s integrated online platform to consolidate systems into an Azure environment. And with the code base and continuous delivery pipelines based in Azure DevOps, our developers began testing,
and using pipelines to upgrade systems.

Upgraded GES
(Global Employer Services)
calculation tool


Our team developed Deloitte’s existing tax calculation tool to align with Hungarian tax requirements. This included integrating a data export functionality with the National Tax and Customs Administration website.

Expert Panel


ALLWIN amassed an expert team of local tax, legal and advisory consultants to support with testing and development. And through a process of continuous feedback with the group, we designed and built new calculations into the enhanced software. Using the expert skills of this group, we carried out a rigorous process of testing to optimize functionality.

Continuous Improvement

To ensure high usability for Deloitte staff, members of our team led on a review of workflows and processes. This included designing a set of questions to test usability.

Our team also ensured the successful submission of individuals’ tax reports to local authorities. Plus, we optimized the uploading of data files to the accounting authority’s website.

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Deloitte Hungary’s partners embraced our further developed software as a compliant and effective way to calculate and submit tax returns for their clients.

By integrating all software onto Azure DevOps, we created the optimal environment to test, develop and upgrade their existing tax calculation tool. And, through consultation with a team of experts in their respective fields, we developed automated workflows, improved usability and ensured full compliance with tax and financial authorities.

Furthermore, this success led to ALLWIN developing a version for Deloitte in the Czech Republic. And by engaging in consultation with local tax and financial experts, we refined the Hungarian model and aligned software to the Czech Republic’s more complex financial systems.

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