Custom .NET Business Application Development

Customers and suppliers have high expectations from digital experiences. Often, these include better customer support, increased personalization and frictionless interactions.

So, if your goal is to increase business revenue as part of your digital transformation then consider the benefits of a custom-built business app over any one-size-fits-all solution.

By taking a customized approach to developing your business applications, you’ll be better equipped to respond to demands in real-time. Workflow automations increase delivery times, plus you’ll drive innovation and increase your potential to scale.

ALLWIN leverages next-generation technologies and .NET custom-based software to provide you with cutting edge business apps, tailor-made for you.

There are many additional benefits to custom .NET business apps

Security shield

Greater security


Improved collaboration

Secured data

Streamlined data

2 folder connecting each other

Better flexibility

Performance meter

Increased performance

Customized HR Software

Whether your teams are working on-site, remotely or both, ALLWIN can build customized cloud-based HR software that’s flexible to the needs of your people.

By developing tailor-made HR systems for your business—from performance management to timesheets, commission calculations to training and development—we help you improve working cultures and increase productivity.

And, by being in the cloud, our customized approach to HR workflows saves you time, reduces cost and improves efficiencies in aspects such as applicant tracking, HR approvals, vacation requests and shift management.

We customize our approach to your needs and help you avoid off-the-shelf packages that lack flexibility and result in additional cost. We take a modern, dynamic and tailor-made approach to designing HR management software to help you improve workforce engagement, increase morale and drive better business outcomes.

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System Integration and Process Automation

System integration can be overlooked during the digital transformation process. But without it, companies risk lower productivity, reduced efficiencies and wasted opportunities.

As your business grows, complexities in your systems, processes and data handling will emerge. But with a cloud-based approach, you can create better integration between systems and improve operational workflows. In the end, this saves time, resources and potential over investment.

At ALLWIN, our mission is to exchange all excel tables of the world with modern software. And we do this using innovative, cloud-based, .NET development.

Our approach to system integration will lay the foundation for better data monitoring, faster decision making, increased communication and improved productivity. By sitting in the cloud, your data can flow better between applications, APIs and CRMs.

Plus, with cloud-based automations, you’ll benefit from streamlined processes, greater security, reduced costs and easier access to data.

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We are ALLWIN.

Based in Budapest, in the heart of Central Europe, we are a .NET custom software development company helping businesses grow worldwide with cutting-edge technologies since 2007. We provide full-cycle software development services to our partners with a focus on customer satisfaction, tangible results and transparent development.

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Reporting and Controlling

Working from the cloud means better access to data in real-time.

By using .NET development, ALLWIN builds tailor-made reporting dashboards that provide insights into your data in real-time. What’s more, with these dashboards you can access custom views of your data from any device, wherever you or your team operate from.

Plus, working with .NET solutions gives us the flexibility to design custom-made functionality to suit your requirements. Whether you need to access spreadsheets, databases, real-time project control data or operational reporting, our custom dashboards provide a richer depth of insight into your data.

What’s more, giving teams across your organization the opportunity to access real-time data breaks down internal silos and improves collaboration. It also enables you to control access to reporting by keeping data clear, concise and focus on the development of your projects.

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Business Process Integration

Attempting to integrate business processes without the proper tools, support or software applications can lead to unwelcome complexity and cost.

Instead, Business Process Integration (BPI) drives efficiency in your process integration by improving the flow and exchange of secure information. Using a range of technologies to connect systems with data, ALLWIN uses BPI to improve the integration of management and operational processes and support increased productivity.

Businesses of all sizes need an efficient approach to process integration. And while workflow automation is one way to streamline your processes, our work is in-depth and comprehensive.

Our team uses an end-to-end approach that includes process identification, planning, modelling and design. And this ensures we find the right technology infrastructure to match your requirements.

By choosing ALLWIN to support your Business Process Integration, you’ll ensure seamless integration both internally and with external suppliers or partners, and improve the speed of your operations.

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PWA - Progressive Web Applications

Progressive Web Applications blend established development methods with new technologies to rival native-built apps. PWA’s operate from a browser and offer the option of one-time app development that’s fully optimized for mobile.

PWA’s can save you time, money and improve app conversions. And while they offer users similar experiences to a native app, there are some very distinct differences.

Why we use PWA?

First defined by software engineers at Google and Apple,
the concept of Progressive Web Application was first presented by Steve Jobs
in front of the world during the iPhone introduction in 2007.  PWAs have a set of standards for usability.
Webportal building on desktop


PWA’s are supported on multiple OS and device platforms, including varying screen sizes and orientations.

Folder protect by a lock


The technologies behind PWA need apps to be served over HTTPS as a TLS.

Application integration


PWA’s enable users to get the user experience of native apps via web apps.

Man showing thumbs up


Network conditions shouldn’t prevent PWA’s launching.



PWAs work offline with the help of Service Workers.

PWA’s vs. normal web apps

PWA’s offer many benefits for businesses. Firstly, because they require a one-time development, there’s no need to develop separate iOS and Android versions.

Secondly, users don’t need to download all the content before they use it, which speeds up accessing content. Also, because they’re accessed via a short URL, PWA’s can be easily shared and take up a very small amount of phone memory.

PWA’s also benefit from SEO, as URL’s are indexed by Google. This means searching for a PWA is quicker and easier than searching and downloading a native app.

Reasons why PWA is powerful

PWA offers many benefits over native apps. And one of the best reasons is reduced costs. Only one application will need to be built to work for all platforms.

Also, the friction that a user would usually encounter when downloading a native app from a store is vastly reduced. Because they can be accessed via URL, PWA’s are seamless, and with less friction in the process app conversion rates are increased. And this reduction in friction leads to better engagement and sales.

With better reliability and higher rates of engagement, some of the world’s biggest brands have embraced PWA’s to improve the user experience and drive their global expansion.

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