Who are we?

We are a community with creativity, ideas, and open minds. The Editorial Board is an independent organization within the company, responsible for the articles appearing on the ALLWIN website in a conscious and organized way. They build the external image of ALLWIN while authentically educating the actors of the tech world.

We write our articles intending to share our professional experience and knowledge, business approach, and corporate principles with others.

Our goal is that, with the help of our content, players in the tech world can develop better quality products more efficiently and with less stress, as well as share our views and best practices with each other and start a dialogue within the profession.

Our values

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What drives us?

  • Research, learning, breaking free from the daily grind, and getting to know new points of view.
  • To be authentic - most blogs do not say anything further. We always try to write up-to-date and helpful content.
  • Proud to be part of the team.
  • Freedom, freedom from constraints, creative soaring.
  • Always a renewing team. We have never had a meeting where we talked about the same thing.

Would you like to get to know us better?

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