Our front-end developers are world-class

Front-end developers have a very important role in creating high-performance, scalable environments for apps, platforms and bespoke technologies. And, knowing the critical role they also play in user experience, ALLWIN hires only the best, enterprise-ready front-end developers to join our team.  

Located in Budapest, our developers are working hard to transform digital outcomes for clients based across the globe. But what stands them apart from the competition is their dedication to ensuring every client receives the highest quality, bespoke approach to software development.

Our front-end developers are skilled in a range of technologies

To match the needs of our clients, ALLWIN’s front-end developers specialize in a range of technologies.
These include the following:


Angular is a front-end component framework written by Google. Its high-performance capacity makes it a common choice amongst developers as it provides an ideal framework for mobile-friendly app development. Angular is often better for creating and managing enterprise applications.

React JS

Also built using JavaScript language, React JS is a component library and the preferred choice for building interactive UI’s. Where’s it’s another open-source platform, developers are constantly improving and modifying React JS’s source code to the benefit of many client’s apps.

React Native

React Native offers app users a native experience but without the inefficiencies they may have been used to. As a JavaScript framework for React JS, React Native enables a more responsive and agile process for app development. And this ensures our developers provide the best experience for all app users.


Typescript is a superset of JavaScript. It adds additional types to software and makes debugging easier for developers. It also makes software more robust. Typescript can be used in both the front-end and back-end. But its key advantage is helping developers notice errors or mistakes earlier on. And this results in a more efficient approach during JavaScript development.

Material Design

Our team of front-end developers use Google’s Material Design to create beautiful, dynamic user experiences. And by unifying the experience across many platforms and devices, app users benefit from a consistent experience along with well-designed ecosystems.


AngularJS is a JavaScript, open-source web framework which, although considered a legacy tool, is compatible with many operating systems. It lets developers extend HTML vocabulary onto other applications while ensuring easy integration with other libraries. Our team of developers can work with any software implemented with AngularJS.  


RxJS is a cutting-edge, asynchronous component library that offers a functional approach for event management. Being a library for reactive programming, RxJS—Reactive Extensions for JavaScript—enables easier composition of asynchronous or callback code.


Developers use Redux is to ensure a stable, bug-free and logical state for app development. And while this is of great assistance when managing the state of front-end applications, the power of Redux goes far beyond this.


GraphQL lets developers overcome data management hurdles by using a simplified process for queries. And when placed on top of existing infrastructures, GraphQL helps unify APIs and allows for faster, more efficient product building. GraphQL is an alternative to the REST standard.

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