Microsoft Azure Functions

As an on-demand cloud service hosted by Microsoft Azure, Azure Functions offers a serverless computing service that allows for simplified application development.

When developers deploy and execute fewer codes, they remove the need to manage server infrastructure.  And as Azure Functions is cloud-based,  it gives developers the latest resources to keep all applications running. In practice, this means developers get to spend more of their time on what matters while Azure Functions takes care of everything else.

Using Azure Functions lets developers implement a system’s logic into blocks of code, or ‘functions’ which run in response to critical events or triggers.  It’s also triggered by third-party events or on-premise systems. And this is especially useful for IoT situations, user experience or workflow processing.

Key benefits of Microsoft Azure Functions


Automated scaling

A scalable, serverless, compute on-demand service.

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Respond to events and seamlessly connect to other services

Launch your app.

Extremely fast

Handle specific, short-term tasks. Fast execution due to lack of large application, startup time or initialization.

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Variety of programming languages

Supportive of multiple programming languages, from C# and F# to Java, Javascript, TypeScript and Python.

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Accelerated prototyping

Can be built, tested and deployed in Azure portal via a browser.


End-to-end development experience

Developers can code within the Azure portal but also manage CI and deploy code through GitHub, Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services and other tools such as Eclipse.

Azure Cloud

Microsoft’s Azure Cloud is a platform with over 200 products and services. It’s the best PaaS for .NET projects and allows our developers to build new systems and run applications across multiple clouds.

At ALLWIN, you can trust us to work in a secure and efficient environment from the Azure Cloud. By leveraging Azure Cloud apps such as DevOps, our teams work at speed to deliver the right infrastructure for digital transformation while ensuring minimal disruption to your business.

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