Közért Plusz webshop

Közért+ Zrt. wants to replace an existing online store with a more modern solution, and is looking for a technology partner to implement this.

The need

The request is to replace the engine of the existing Közért Plusz web store so that it can also meet the higher traffic volumes. It was also important that the new web store could be continuously developed and have a design and functionality suitable for the given age and environment. But also  it was important that the current B2C web store had the potential to be expanded, with a B2B page built-out as a multisite in the future.

Business goals

Közért Plusz is a Hungarian online grocery store whose main goal is to support producers of domestic products and Hungarian producers, while paying special attention to choosing environmentally conscious solutions, shortening the supply chain and distributing fresh, healthy products and ingredients.T

he business goal of the new web store was to replace the wooCommerce web store engine, which has been operating for two years, with a new engine that can be customized and meets individual expectations, so that it can be developed at any time in the future, when new needs arise.

When clarifying the expected functions and needs, it was of utmost importance to get to know the customers' needs and to maintain personalized measurements.


We based the needs and future aspirations of Közért Plusz with a .NET-based nopCommerce web store engine, which is now ready to create a multi-store environment in the future.

Our .NET-based solution enjoys continuous support, making it an excellent choice for our corporate partners.

And the open source code allows us to create a system that can be continuously developed and adapted to the customer's unique needs.

Our E-commerce solution

Azure Cloud


Choosing a cloud service over an on-prem environment gives greater stability to the operation of the online store. Easy and fast scalability was a key consideration due to the frequently changing workload, so the cloud-based solution proved to be the perfect choice.



nopCommerce is currently not yet widespread in Hungary, so among the many existing extensions there were none that would have ensured the connection with the SimplePay and Számlázz.hu systems, and the translation of the system is also in its infancy. We were the first to write universal, reliable plugins for these integrations.


Integrations with other systems used by Közért Plusz played a prominent role during the project. We successfully solved the integration with the logistics system, invoicing program and various SEO tools (Google Analytics, Google Shop, Facebook Market) by expanding the number of previous functions.

The results

The new Közért Plusz online store is a stable online store that meets unique needs and enables our customers to achieve their goals.

The created system produces stable operation and 99.99% availability, despite fluctuating loads.

The Közért Plusz web store is suitable for continuous development but we’re also expanding the list of existing functions with regular updates. All of this happens while the web store runs smoothly and the customer experience does not deteriorate. Plus, availability remains excellent.

Furthermore, a B2B site can be created at any time based on the model of the current B2C online store thanks to the multisite solution.

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