The need

Fish farming, or Aquaculture, is a complex process. Naviaq faced a specific challenge – to ensure harvested fish are not harmed in containers, either through injury or from the increased risk of parasites.

Business goals

Naviaq wanted to solve problems and advance standards in Aquaculture by leveraging digital systems. But with a range of complex processes across fish farming—from shipping to equipment maintenance—the concept posed a challenge. Despite this, the result of ALLWIN’s collaboration with Naviaq is an integrated platform that’s benefitting all industry partners.


By focusing on the development of real-time reporting systems, ALLWIN streamlined processes using new order workflows and vessel tracking. With this new approach to operational management, the industry is benefitting from improvements to data monitoring, order management, equipment tracking and reporting.

Building on the latest technologies of the web ALLWIN developed a Progressive Web Application
to provide a mobile friendly solution to help users accomplish their everyday tasks easier.

By applying a consultative and developmental approach, the result is a new platform built on.

Angular Progressive Web Application

ALLWIN re-implemented a more consistent system intelligence for Naviaq using ASP.NET Core technology. Where previous systems used Silverlight, we created an AngularJS SPA (Single Page Application) solution that improved user experience, increased agility and offered simplified navigation.

Several other features were developed from this framework:

Why you should choose to develop your PWA with us?


As one of our key partners, Naviaq continues to pioneer new digital approaches to Aquaculture that are revolutionizing the industry. We’ve placed a committed, long-term team of developers on the partnership who work with Naviaq to drive continuous improvement and refinements.

As a result of the partnership, we’ve enabled more accurate vessel tracking, real-time updates on equipment and container conditions and better streamlined workflows. All of which is helping the fish farming industry enjoy better operational control and ongoing improvement.

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