Warehouse company

Our consulting work impacts all types of businesses. In particular, we supported a warehousing technology company to understand the full extent of their digital development needs.

The need

The client needed help with a specific brief – to replace a CRM and upgrade data from excel spreadsheets. But before they started, our consultants recognized the need for a comprehensive review of the client’s entire business. In doing so, we wanted to ensure any proposed solution would be effective in meeting the client’s needs.

Business goals

On review of the initial spec, we found some ambiguities. So, to better clarify their aims and objectives, we offered to conduct a professional survey. From supply chains to all aspects of the customer journey, we planned to review the operational performance of the entire company. With this, we knew we could gain a deeper understanding of their problems and recommend the right systems to address them.


Instead of rolling out development based on their initial spec, we proposed conducting our own review.

With it, we knew the client could gain clarity and confidence in their investment. With a broader picture of the problem at hand, we identified missing or underlying needs while hastening the speed and scale of their growth.

Our consultative approach included:

On-Site Survey

Our consultancy spent two business days on-site undertaking a comprehensive review of the organization.

We assessed all processes, systems and business needs in detail to uncover the company’s true potential in digital transformation. Aspects of our review included:

Customer Journey Analysis


Our surveys included a full review of product orders, shipment and installation.

We also highlighted the need for a new counting system and carried out needs assessments on internal staff.

Interviews with Staff


From warehouse workers through accountants and managers, we interviewed all internal employees to gain insights into their issues.

With these insights, we were better able to identify which digital systems, solutions and functionalities could have the best impact.

As part of our recommendations, we identified the potential to automate processes using mobile devices and QR code technology.  

50-page detailed report


Using the vast amount of raw information, figures and reports we gathered during the assessment period, our teams produced a detailed report for the client. By using a process of categorization, we consolidated assessments into a digestible format.

What’s more, when compared to the initial brief from the client, the extent of our findings was effective in highlighting the client’s true potential for digital transformation.

Development Proposal


Based on our findings, we also prepared an accurate development estimate. This included prioritization of urgent and non-urgent tasks along with identifying which aspects were optional as part of the overall improvement works.

And it was this approach that allowed the customer to consider a phased approach to development.

Want to know more about the benefits of consulting?


By conducting an intensive diagnosis of their current systems and processes, we enable the client to understand the full extent of their requirements.

Using in-depth interviews with staff and effective reviews of internal processes, we could present results in an extensive report. As part of the process, we also met decision-makers in-person to explain our findings while outlining the urgent, non-urgent and optional aspects of our proposal.

With our hands-on approach to consulting, the client gained a clear understanding of the development work required to achieve their goals and the estimated end product become a lot better based on the price-value ratio.

During the development we paid special attention to security, as a result of which the website is not only fluid and functional, but also completely secure.

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