Size: 50 members
Average age: 28 (22/50)
Age: 12

Our core value: is our community. For us, it’s really important that each and every colleague of ours has a good time at the workplace and we keep the family atmosphere in spite of our continuous growth. (That’s why we all wear branded ALLWIN uniforms all the time, organize  church-like congregations daily and start the day by singing the ALLWIN-anthem together. Don’t worry, we are just kidding. At least at the moment.)

Our organizational structure: is flat - for the same reason, and the direct supervisors of the development teams are the lead developers themselves. Needless to say that we care a lot about everyone’s opinion let it be about a work-related topic or anything else.

Our priorities: of course we want to provide our clients with the best possible services, but at the same time we would like our colleagues to be satisfied both professionally and personally - so that we can be true to our names and make all of us win.

Diverse projects, professional challenges, dynamic, youthful team and endless supply of Pilóta cookies.
Zsolt, software developer
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Kontakt oss!
Barbara Nyári
Partnership Director