Brainstorming in the EP

“ All risks in product development are the responsibility of the entrepreneur, which is not so favorable for innovations” – This statement was expressed during an EP forum presenting domestic enterprises excelling in the field of innovative technologies. The aim of the series, organized by Edit Herczog, is to provide authorities from Brussels with first-hand experiences regarding the present situation of small entrepreneurs. As it was mentioned at the forum of the European Parliament on Hungarian enterprises excelling in applying innovative technologies, all risks in product development are the responsibility of the entrepreneur, which is not favorable for innovation.

The aim of the series is to provide first-hand information about small and medium size enterprises for decision makers in Brussels. At the first event of the so called “Brainstorm – innovative SME-s from Hungary” public hearing series, ALLWIN Informatics and Dension reviewed their experiences of innovation-based growth to the audience of EP representatives, delegates of interest groups and of the financial sector. According to company leaders, innovation is hindered firstly by the fact that similar rules are applied to SME-s as are in the case of bigger enterprises; secondly by the lack of resources; and thirdly by the default in payments. “We have to be open to offshore partnership opportunities, as well, even if this does not seem to be necessary at first sight” – commented Fülöp on the matter, according to whom technology itself is a common language able to bridge the gaps.

Dension Audio System, producer of car-multimedia interfaces and winner of the Mobile Electronic News Best Product Development Award, was represented by Attila Szijj. According to Szijj, the situation of beginner enterprises has been set back since entrepreneurs have to take all risks due to the lack of start-up state resources, especially in the Central European region. Peter Kelemen, head of the company’s subsidiary at Dension Broadband System, gave a presentation on the hindering factors of SMEs entering the market. He demonstrated these factors through the problems of European telecommunications regulations and through the everyday life of his company, which develops tools to provide broadband Internet access for users living far from switchboards. Being innovative and selling innovative ideas on the market are two different things. As Kelemen stated, “Instead of state subsidy, in fact, the real chance for smaller enterprises would be the actual generation of markets.” Edit Herczog, member of the EP Industrial, Research and Energy Committee said in her introductory speech, “I started up this series to set a good example in Brussels; to present entrepreneurs who try to prevail and create values through innovation. We have a good reason to be proud: we constantly hear reports on Hungarian developing companies returning from innovative competitions with awards and distinction. The economic growth of Europe is based on the socio-economic support of innovation and the stabilization of SMEs, which are the central supporting pillars of employment. Europe cannot be successful without innovative SMEs.”