120 Seconds Brokerage Event




ALLWIN Informatics attended the 120 Seconds Brokerage Event arranged by Centrope_tt in Bratislava on 19th June. 


Te so called "120 seconds event" is a special networking format that helps to stimulate new co-operations between innovative companies / institutes in an unconventional way.


Companies and research institutes from and interested in the ICT sector who are looking for (inter)national cooperation registered to the event. In the first part of the 120 seconds brokerage event, each participating company or research institute presented  its products, activities and demands / requests within only 120 seconds.  In the second part, an informal networking of participants  was organised  in a relaxing and familiar atmosphere.





Centrope regions



Centrope_tt is an international experts community for technology transfer and innovation support acting in the bordering regions of Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia - called CENTROPE. Supported by an 2 mil. EUR EU-project, 15 centrope_tt partner institutions are currently establishing tools for stimulation of cross-border technology transfer between enterprises and universities.