FarmAlarm - Wake up with nature



Award winning Windows Phone Application from ALLWIN Informatics



With the use of modern technology we can help our bodies getting accustomed to natural day-times, or simply to say, just cheerfully waking up. FarmAlarm, a new generation mobile application, regulates user wake-up to daily sunrise.


This is the first time for users to come to know an application, which applies modern technology only for one simple aim: to return to the most natural form of awakening. A real country idyll, developed for Windows-based smart phones. The application sets the phone alarm in accordance with the actual time of sunrise, and users can choose from three types of alarm ringtones; they are informed about the start of the day by a rooster’s “cock-a-doodle-doo”, a dog’s “woof-woof”, or a cow’s “moo”. It goes without saying that waking up with the rising sun means a great challenge, which requires a little more flexible daily routine, in particular now in the summer time when we can enjoy the first light of the day earlier in the mornings. To be sure the application motivates us with gradual nomination prizes if we persist in waking up as long as we finally reach the “Grand Farm Master” level.






ALLWIN Informatics is especially proud to be awarded during a professional contest.


„ALLWIN wins at least one prize in each and every year. This year we did not have to wait for this prize only until March. This appreciation is important for us as we won the third prize in a strong field of competitors, and it is a good feedback from the profession itself. Another reason why it is significant is that we continue Windows Phone application developments with an increased motivation in the future. One thing that I have to tell is the fact that I only need to sleep (and wake up) twelve more times to become a Grand Farm Master. ” – Dániel Szöllősi, CEO


Function list:

1. Authentic ringtone settings

2. Updating the time of sunrise from an outer source

3. Alarm in given times

4. Facebook integration (it posts: XY has just woken up with sunrise with FarmAlarm)

5. Achievement system (after 10, 50 and 100 awakenings) with Facebook posting

6. An animated rooster, cow or dog, in the background of the application


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