Launching Windows 8

After 3 years of expectations, purposely smooth and minimal drops of information, Microsoft is introducing its newest operation system, called Windows 8 – which can be used on tablets as well- , on the 26th October. Both professionals and home users are looking forward with great expectations to the launch of the new product. Microsoft is very optimistic as well, analytics of Gartner Dataquest are forecasting 150 million sales by the end of the year. With this, the software giant can restructure the tablet market, definitely reducing Apple’s share of 60%.


This autumn, 3 years after the introduction of Windows 7, Microsoft seems to reform the world of tablets, significantly expanding their application field. Furthermore, the number of users will surely multiply, since according to the professionals, the long-expected Windows 8 will be able for playful amusement as well as for professional work. "We are preparing for the new Windows consciously for years now" - said Dániel Szöllősi, managing director of ALLWIN Informatika Ltd. "The technology shows an obvious direction: mobile devices, computers used at home and at work should be unified, should be capable of both working and amusement. Windows 8 fits this environment, and will be available on smart phones, PC-s and on tablets, too."


Some experts are already burying the Android tablets, referring to the fact that the largest producers of tablets using the operating system with the green robot logo, such as the Samsung, the Asus, the Acer and the Lenovo are ready for the newest operating system of Windows, the Windows 8. This new platform will definitely steal existing and future customers from Android. The situation is even more complex, as Microsoft’s own tablet - called Surface - can be already preordered at the price of an iPad.



The further sweep of notepad-sized tablets (that were only good for surfing, emailing and watching videos in the past) is not only reasonable because - according to the forecasts – surfing the internet on mobile devices will reach in 2013 and overtake in 2014 the traditional surfing on PC-s and laptops; but also because the software giant’s Windows version of two on the third provides applications going far beyond these. The unbroken leading position of Microsoft in the commercial software market for decades presupposes that significant market share of end users and professionals will take this opportunity, where Excel and Word can be used genuine, and where forecasts and monthly statements can be prepared just like you were in your office.


"Commercial utilization is the key" - Szöllősi added. "Managing director fathers are already got used to the fact that smart phones can engage their children for hours. Only one step forward is downloading CRM systems or other business apps from the application store. The Windows 8 platform and the tablets produced for it are especially capable of commercial use, because their knowledge and their performance much more approach laptops, than the one of the existing tablets'.