Ride the ice

The ALLWIN Informatics Ltd. joined as sponsor in the drawing competition declared jointly by the Hungarian National Skating Federation and DeriSport. Setting in of winter, in style the subject of the competition is skating, for which children between the age of 6 and 14 years can enter in two categories depending on their age with their drawings made by pencil, marker, chalk, tempera or paint.



Our corporation offered honorary award for the drawing contest which closes on the 6th December 2012. The awards ceremony is going to be held on the 8th December 2012, our company will be represented by Dániel Szöllősi. The creations will be on view in the 6th Santa Claus Cup International Figure Skating and Ice Dancing competition during the whole weekend in the Practice Ice Rink. The drawings entered for the contest will automatically enter the international drawing competition of ISU Speed Skating as well as children drawings of other 120 countries of the world which will be held in Hungary next spring.


The patroness of the competition is Júlia Sebestyén European Champion figure skater. In the jury we can also find Orsolya Váradi and Róbert Kalmár the clerks of the World Championship, Eszter Ivancsik representing the Hungarian National Skating Federation and Györgyi Kemenczés art historian.


Further information regarding the design competition can be found at the following link.