What makes Sitecore a world-class platform for digital experiences

Functional range and applied analytics are just two out of many strengths of Sitecore that positioned it as a leader in 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms.

Gartner defines a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) as "an integrated set of technologies, based on a common platform, that provides a broad range of audiences with consistent, secure, and personalized access to information and applications across many digital touchpoints."

Sitecore was recognized for its ability to execute and completeness of vision. Gartner highlighted functional breadth, applied analytics and interoperability as major strengths of the platform.

The company integrates its industry-leading content management and native digital marketing tools – including analytics, personalization, automation, machine learning, and omnichannel delivery – with a central repository of real-time, multichannel customer experience data. It collects real-time audience data and interactions from all campaigns, sources, and third-party systems in the Sitecore Experience Database (xDB). The interconnectedness of customer profile information throughout Sitecore gives organizations the ability to understand and respond in real time to the context of every customer interaction, regardless of where it happens.

With its web content management (WCM) heritage, Sitecore has established itself as a vendor with both a strategy to address various industries and a substantial array of horizontal DXP capabilities. Personalization, context awareness and analytics – including Sitecore Cortex machine learning -  that generates real-time actionable insights for serving up the most relevant content to enhance the user's experience.

Gartner found that „customers have high regard for Sitecore's ability to exploit web analytics" and „value the platform's insights which are geared toward IT and business users alike."

Elevated experience in the cloud

Gartner's conclusions further validate Sitecore's vision not just to reach customers but understand and respond to their preferences through a single, integrated platform. It's a vision the company continues to deliver on, most recently with the Sitecore Experience Cloud.

Announced in October 2017, the Sitecore Experience Cloud continuously learns from each customer interaction so brands can deliver optimized real-time engagements – with content, customer insights, and commerce seamlessly integrated. Machine learning capabilities optimize audience targets and paths to conversion to power the most relevant conversations.

Built on the industry standard .NET Framework Sitecore as a robust platform leverages the full Microsoft technology stack. It offers customers the flexibility to connect with a range of applications and deploy either in the cloud (PaaS or IaaS), on- premises, or with a hybrid approach. Sitecore's „revamped, API-oriented architecture (in version 8), along with an increasing array of connectors, reportedly benefits organizations that previously spent considerable time working on custom integrations," Gartner found. The platform is ready for any channel with capabilities to support the web, social, and mobile channels of today alongside the emerging systems of tomorrow such as IoT, AR, and VR.

Besides Sitecore Experience Platform for digital marketing, Sitecore Experience Cloud also includes Sitecore Experience Manager web content platform and Sitecore Experience Commerce digital commerce platform. They are recently upgraded to Version 9 with a focus on smart personalization capabilities. Gartner pointed out that the integrated commerce functionality adds significant breadth to DXP offerings.  

Sitecore is one of only four leaders in the Magic Quadrant. According to Gartner, they „have ample ability to support a variety of DXP use cases and consistently meet customers' needs over substantial periods. Leaders have delivered significant product innovation in pursuit of DXP requirements, and have been successful in selling to new customers across industries."

All these qualities and advantages state behind ALLWIN's decision to use Sitecore. Many successful projects and satisfied, long-termed partners prove that it was the right decision.